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MyLink + (T-Coil required in hearing aids)
ML9i (Exélia Art, Versáta,Certéna,Milo Plus)
ML 10i (naida UP)
ML 11i (naida SP)
ML 12i (Nios micro, Milo Plus micro)
Microline Freedom
MicroLink CIS with MLxi
MLxi Baha
iSense micro
iSense Classic
AS9-MLxi   AS10   AS11   AS12  
Exélia Art, Versáta,Certéna,Milo Plus Naída UP Naída SP Nios micro, micro BTE
Receiver information (ML= Microlink, xi= inspiro Dynamic FM based, xS= Synchronization)
MLxi ML9i ML10i ML11i ML12i iSense Micro iSense Classic
MLxi Baha MyLink+ MicroLink Freedom MicroLink CI S      
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