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Please visit Roger Configurator at to learn more about configuring a Phonak Roger system with any hearing instrument or cochlearimplant. For Audio Shoe Ordering use Roger Receiver Number (10/11/13/15/16/18) as Guideline for Audio ShoeNumber. For Receiver and Audio Shoe Color Guideline please visit :

  Transmitter Qty Receiver Available for Hearing Aid / CI Color Qty
Roger Pen Roger X For all brands of Hearing Aid and CI
Roger Inspiro Roger MyLink For all Telecoil devices
Accessories   Roger Focus For Unilateral HL, APD
Audio Cable Roger 10 For Phonak UP Models
Micro-USB Cable Roger 11 For Naida and Sky SP Models
iLapel mic Roger 13 For Spice (Ambra, Solana, Cassia SP )
Lavalier for inspiro Roger 14 For Cochlear Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6
Necklace for Pen Roger 15 For M13, M H20, Naida and Sky RIC
Alligator Clip Roger 16 For Bolero Q—P and SP models
    Roger 17 For AB Naida Q CI
    Roger 18 For Audeo V– 13 model
 Audio Shoe AS 10 AS11 AS12 AS13 AS14 AS15 AS16 AS17 AS18
 Bundle Option Binaural HA Bundle Bimodal Roger Bundle Roger Bundle Roger Focus Bundle
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